Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good News, Great News, and Meh News

Happy Holidays to you!

Busy, busy, busy. I've been keeping myself busy this fall. For the past month, I've been working on my Birthstones project.

I wanted to do 12 illustrations that represent the months of the year. I considered BBW frilly Lolita zodiacs at first but, that idea didn't stick with me. First reason, the Greek Zodiac signs have been done before, THOUSANDS of times. If you put Aries into deviantART, all the illustrations can be similar. Aries with huge horns plus an outfit that goes in the direction they were looking for. It's not a bad thing but, I wanted to do something different. So, my next thought went to birthstones. I have this book, similar to an address book but it holds dates for birthdays and anniversaries. It's so cute with the cupcakes on the cover. This simple little book has lists for everything; Greek and Chinese Zodiac, Birthday colors, anniversary symbols and much more. Following the list for birthstones, I started my research and sketches. I felt really good when I finished because it's one of the largest single illustration-like projects I've created for myself and finished. You can see them all in detail on my DeviantART account here


Now to the meh news but, I promise to end on a good note. I'm still unemployed with even smaller chances of graduating from my school of choice. Sometimes, I don't think it's the lack of jobs out there that's limiting my chances of one. I really think it's me. I mean, I've been applying since I was 16, and the only REAL job, I've gotten was as a cashier at "BevMo!" last holiday season. I don't know HOW I got it but, I'm blessed and appreciate that I did. I do have unpaid internship experience but, now I feel like that was just away for CERTAIN employers to get free help. I appreciate the experience but I can't pay back student loans in experience. Now on to school! School, school, school. This semester, I took off. I didn't want to take on loans and it was too late to enroll in any classes anywhere. In early October, I applied to 3 CSU's with hope that my nearly 72 units from the Academy of Art would be transferable. They weren't and I expected that but, hoped for something different. That leaves me with a few decisions. 1. Start over: Take 5 years to earn GE's and transfer 2. Continue with AAU: Work hard to earn money and take on loans and graduate in 3 years at PT status or 3. Drop out: Teach myself what I can and get by with odd jobs and work on my portfolio. I've been clinging to option 2 for the past 3 years now. Most people, I've meet are either about to graduate or have changed schools too. And that saddens me but, oh well. Even though my hopes of graduating from AAU are shrinking, my hopes of being an animator are growing! I feel so strongly about this career choice, I will hard extremely tough to get my foot in the door and my portfolio noticed. See, I ended on a good note!

Thank you for reading or skimming! Much appreciated!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teaching myself Flash

And I'm making rainbows as I do it! Here are some shots of my cooking lesson Flash Project. This is just step one of six or seven. The most challenging part of learning Flash for me is understanding the Motion Tween and how to set it up so I achieve the effect I want. I'm expecting the ActionScript3.0 to be even more of a challenge but, I'm pushing through. I can't wait to see this thing done!

Thank you for reading!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Happy Halloween to all who read this! Last year, I drew a sweet girl with her face ripped off. I learned Adobe Photoshop and have become very accustomed to it. This year, I decided to illustrate a little witch traveling home with the spoils of a good night's trick or treating. I used Flash CS4 and with a few tutorials here and there, I was able to animate the little darling flying across a cityscape. What will be achieved by next year's time? MWHAHAHAHAAAAA!




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picking Up and Losing Steam

I've done a lot of work since my last post. I've done some illustrations for my boyfriend; fanart of a BBW Stocking from the anime Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt; sketches here and there off course. I'm just keeping myself busy. My Rainbow Cupcakes Flash project has lost a little steam. I'm trying to teach myself Flash while attempting to animate. It's frustrating and I tend to put off stuff that frustrates me. I did do a little more work on my project today. Who knew it would be so hard to animate an egg tapping a bowl and cracking into that bowl? I will have to look up and join an animation forum or two to get some help (advice from my BF)


Some of my illustrations are posted on my alternate Deviant Art account:
Check it out if you enjoy a plus size figure. 

Side note: This video is very addictive. The weird, highly saturated, and nonsensically theme of it inspired one of the drawings below.

Thank you for reading and a moment of your time.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning Something New

For the past few weeks, I've been teaching myself the basics of Flash. I'm a very visual learner. It really helped me to quickly learn from videos instead of reading one long tutorial after another. Right now, I came up with a few and hopefully simple ideas that will help me learn and practice using flash. First, I want to create an interactive cooking lesson for rainbow cupcakes. It'll be cute, animation with motion and shape tweens, hopefully have a next and back button. I want it to be fun and simple enough for a little baker girl or boy to follow. My other animations, I want to do are

  1. An old French lady sipping tea
  2. WG/eating Animation
  3. Another lesson animation: Learning colors in Different Languages
  4. A bored bartender, shaking up a drink
These goals look simple when I type it out here. I almost feel like I'm making my own class, with a curriculum and assignments. All I need now is that classroom competitive atmosphere with intense CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Hmm, well that's what the internet is for, especially in the criticism department.

After watching some videos on the basics of flash, I've made a banner for my animated cooking lesson. Here it is!

Original Background from PSD JPEG

Banner Words made in Flash


And here it is animated.

I really like the way the banner came out. It's cute, simple, and colorful. Next on my list is to storyboard how I want the lesson to look with which steps I want animated. I think the hardest part will be attempting to make a next and back button with the ActionScript3.0 interface. Gaaah, well wish me luck or say prayer. I am off to learn more flash!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gradients and Gaussian Blurs

I took some time to follow some very helpful tutorials on DeviantArt about gradient shading in photoshop. This is my first time really sticking with it and trying it out. I like the way they came out, and I don't feel that way about a lot of first tries I have. After I learned and practiced with gradients, I added a Gaussian blur because I still have an anime nerd in me. I love that feel when and image looks like it's from a screenshot of an animation or film. I wanted to add that to my illustration. Eventually, I won't be making fake screenshots but taking them from my animations; just have start reading Flash 5 and adobe after effects tutorials.

Gaussian Blurred Bow

This woman went from a doodle to my first gradient illustration! I love her! I did a detailed bow on her bra and also wanted to show it. I am inspired to design a Lolita dress after it.

And here's that anime like screenshot I mentioned. Backgrounds are my enemy but, will be conquered! My boyfriend ( did the background. Thank you, dear. But, it kinda looks like a screenshot, right? Eh, I'll just try and go for a dating sim screenshot the next time. Back to Photoshop, thank you for reading.

DA Tutorials

Kuisuku Gradient Tut

Ilyana88 Gradient Tut

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stepping out of Spring and into Summer

                My spring 2011 semester is going to end on a bit of a bad note in grades but sprinkled with some good things overall. I feel like the experiences of this semester were like eating a scoop of ice cream that has a horrible flavor but nice toppings.
                This semester was not the best. There was a trip-and-fall, one after another. The largest thing that brought this semester down was, this is my last one at the Academy of Art University and it was online. I truly wanted to graduate from this university, but I couldn’t; mainly because it’s just too expensive. Meh. I had two online liberal arts classes. They were Comparative Religion and Urban Sociology, great classes and easy to complete online when you’re focused. If you’re burnt out like me, from two years of frustration, it can be a challenge.
                Throughout this entire semester, from January to now, I’ve been searching for a general job. Not one animation industry related but I should start because I am having absolutely no luck in the other. I didn’t go out much also and that didn’t help my atmosphere. That’s the majority of the “flavor” of this ice cream.
For the Fall 2011, I hope to do something different. My options are to go to a community college and/or get a part time or full time job while I apply as a transfer to a different university. I want to apply to Cal State Fullerton or San Jose. I heard about and researched their Animation programs and they look top notch. If I’m accepted and most of my units transfer over from AAU, I may have 4 semesters worth of classes left.  That’s something to look forward too.
Now on to the good sprinkles! My long distant boyfriend, Marquis, and my sister are two awesome people! In February, I went to Washington to visit Marquis for the week of Valentine’s Day. My birthday was during this semester and my sister and I hosted an awesome tropical zombie themed party. I was able to finally get a few new clothes with my birthday money. I got into nail art and design. I have two boxes of polishes and tools. I started this blog! I learned more about Flash 5, thanks to the amazing animator, Rajesh Bhavanni. I have a storyboard internship with Sweeting Independent Films. It’s going great by the way. I saw the movie Limitless and now I want to add it to my collection of DVDs one day. My sister and I went to the CTN expo in Burbank with friends. I discovered honey in Lipton’s tea is delicious; Portal2 by Valve is a great, humorous game; and Konapun, an adorable Japanese artificial food making toy. Yep, that’s most of the sprinkles, I can recall off the top of my head. When they’re laid out like this, it brightens my mood. 
Stepping into the summer, I’m hopeful it will be a fun one. I don’t know how. I will try to make it an enjoyable one. I’m going to focus on my portfolio and internship; apply for jobs; learn Flash; work on this blog and my nail art blog, and most importantly stay positive. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is my very first blog so this will read a bit rough. I will introduce myself! My name is Dominique Gammage, current a 2D animation student at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, CA. I'm half way through the bachelor's program but taking the slow track right now. I am taking online classes from home but intend to live in SF and take on campus classes.

Currently I'm more into storyboarding than animation. I am doing a storyboard internship at Sweeting Independent Films this Spring. Also I'm beginning to board many ideas I've had for a while now. First to come out of my imagination is this one right above. 

"Cheater's Quarrel" was a quick idea that popped into my head one afternoon. I wanted to do a VERY cliche anime  fight sequence. The dialogue at the end reads, "We are done, you cheating bastard!".  If I could animate it I would want it in a FLCL style of craziness.

Thanks for reading and getting to know a little bit about me. Please check out my boyfriend's blog , the 3D environment art of Marquis Houghton!