Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gradients and Gaussian Blurs

I took some time to follow some very helpful tutorials on DeviantArt about gradient shading in photoshop. This is my first time really sticking with it and trying it out. I like the way they came out, and I don't feel that way about a lot of first tries I have. After I learned and practiced with gradients, I added a Gaussian blur because I still have an anime nerd in me. I love that feel when and image looks like it's from a screenshot of an animation or film. I wanted to add that to my illustration. Eventually, I won't be making fake screenshots but taking them from my animations; just have start reading Flash 5 and adobe after effects tutorials.

Gaussian Blurred Bow

This woman went from a doodle to my first gradient illustration! I love her! I did a detailed bow on her bra and also wanted to show it. I am inspired to design a Lolita dress after it.

And here's that anime like screenshot I mentioned. Backgrounds are my enemy but, will be conquered! My boyfriend ( did the background. Thank you, dear. But, it kinda looks like a screenshot, right? Eh, I'll just try and go for a dating sim screenshot the next time. Back to Photoshop, thank you for reading.

DA Tutorials

Kuisuku Gradient Tut

Ilyana88 Gradient Tut