Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning Something New

For the past few weeks, I've been teaching myself the basics of Flash. I'm a very visual learner. It really helped me to quickly learn from videos instead of reading one long tutorial after another. Right now, I came up with a few and hopefully simple ideas that will help me learn and practice using flash. First, I want to create an interactive cooking lesson for rainbow cupcakes. It'll be cute, animation with motion and shape tweens, hopefully have a next and back button. I want it to be fun and simple enough for a little baker girl or boy to follow. My other animations, I want to do are

  1. An old French lady sipping tea
  2. WG/eating Animation
  3. Another lesson animation: Learning colors in Different Languages
  4. A bored bartender, shaking up a drink
These goals look simple when I type it out here. I almost feel like I'm making my own class, with a curriculum and assignments. All I need now is that classroom competitive atmosphere with intense CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Hmm, well that's what the internet is for, especially in the criticism department.

After watching some videos on the basics of flash, I've made a banner for my animated cooking lesson. Here it is!

Original Background from PSD JPEG

Banner Words made in Flash


And here it is animated.

I really like the way the banner came out. It's cute, simple, and colorful. Next on my list is to storyboard how I want the lesson to look with which steps I want animated. I think the hardest part will be attempting to make a next and back button with the ActionScript3.0 interface. Gaaah, well wish me luck or say prayer. I am off to learn more flash!