Monday, February 20, 2012

A Baker and Ruby

For the past few weeks, I've been very focused on my Valentine's Day and doughnut inspired project. Yet I still don't have a title for it. That will come later, first comes the animation! Here are updates to my project since my previous post.   

1. STORYBOARDS: I transferred my new boards to index cards and expanded on a few parts in the story; making a total of a good hefty amount of storyboards! I'm going to put the animatic together in Flash. (On a side note...) After helping my friend Rajesh color in his short film "Bumps", he offered me a spot in his cartooning class to show his thanks. It's once a week for 2 hours at Summer Arts Studio for 6 weeks. I'm almost done and have 3 more weeks to go. In three weeks Rajesh, taught me some pointers on storytelling, storyboarding, observational drawing, and character construction. He helped me improve my storyboards to what they are today.

2. CHARACTERS: All this week, in addition to starting classes  for the semester, I have been working on the character design of Ms. Ruby and the Baker (or William, if that tickles your fancy). Ruby and Baker are a cute couple; with her being all short and chubby and him being all tall and lanky. I still have to finalize their designs with turn around reference sheets. But you can definitely see William went through a few changes. I want my story to be placed in the Victorian Era or earlier but not earlier than 1800. I hope I can achieve a simplified version of 1800's society in my story.

3. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE: Busy, busy, busy! I have so much I INTEND to do but my intention don't mean sh*t if I don't put some action behind it! This "To- Do List" for this project I am going to transform into a schedule to help keep me on track and maybe have it done by the end the Spring semester (by June). Plus, putting it online is motivational and holds me accountable to you! Yes you at the keyboard.

  1. Make Color Scheme
  2. Ruby and Baker Reference Sheets w/ 5 Emotions IN COLOR
  3. Colored Illustrations of Ruby and Baker
  4. Make Animatic in Flash  w/ sound!
  5. Work on Backgrounds/ Do Finals IN COLOR
  6. Color Ruby (Ms. July Illustration)
  7. Make blog post about progress (Derp!)
Wish me luck! Thank you for reading or skimming and a moment of your time. Toodles