Friday, February 24, 2012

I hate Flash

    I did some good work in Flash today. I was saving CONSTANTLY, learning the program, finally understanding more of it, and created something I would have been happy to turn in for my class. THEN, after an hour and a half of progress, Flash starts to flip out on me. "Oh ho ho, no," I think confidently, "I've got you this time. I've been saving diligently! Even if you crash now, any progress lost will be minimal. NO RANDOM COMPUTER CRASH IS NOT GOING TO GET ME!" I close flash, after one more successful save, and wait a few seconds then open Flash again. When my file opens, EVERYTHING IS GONE! EVERY FRAME! ERASED! HOW?! WHY?! WHEN?!  I SAVED, DAMNET! The cherry on top to make this extra sweet is the .fla file appears to be corrupted now. I can open the file but I can not play the timeline or add new layers. The dumb program crashes! EVERY TIME!  Frustrated, I squished some gummy bears in "Burrito Bison"  and performed a few surgeries in"Amateur Surgeon 2" in Adult Swim arcade.

I don't know what happened. I thought I was doing something simple with Flash. I guess not! *grits teeth* When I start over, I'm going to save multiple versions. Hopefully that will help. But right now, I can't even look at Flash.

I KNOW this moment when a computer says "SCREW YOU" happens often and this won't be the last one.
What did you do when a software malfunctioned and lost a significant amount of progress?

My "animating music" playlist to help relax my frustrations.