Sunday, March 18, 2012

Assignment 3-Progress 2

I scrapped my old background and created a simpler one moves exactly how I want it to. My fairy is still the same. I will add more to the background later. The fairy's movement is a combination of motion tweens and eases and the background looping was created by following this tutorial. Now to get back to the previous assignment!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Doughnuts" Progress

Revised storyboards that will be revised again! I completely changed my design  Baker and Ruby. When I'm finished with Ruby's reference sheet and expression sheet, I want to start animating them. Nothing in particular, I'm just itching to animate.

Character design changes. They are two absolutely different people now. I'm happier with these designs than the previous. I can't wait to start animating with them!

Backgrounds for my animation. And these are just the beginning of my film. I did them on index cards. I'm going to enlarge them in Photoshop and do some color studies in color pencils then when I have a final color scheme, I will complete the finals in watercolor. I am pacing myself so I don't burn out too fast. I hate it when that happens. 

Assignment 3: Wings

For assignment 3, I will animate a fairy flying through a looping forest. My stage is set to 480 x 320px. She will start in the foreground and shrink into the background while going behind and in front of some objects. I'm taking inspiration for my background from one of my favorite childhood movies, Ferngully. This movie has such great backgrounds for reference for this assignment. I am only posting these images for educational purposes. They are not mine.

Right now, I've completed my fairy and background but, I'm going to scrap my current background then create a simpler one. I want my background to loop and I'm following a tutorial from here but it's not working or coming out the way I want. The elements are moving to fast. I hope creating a simple BG will get my the effects I want.

Reference Links
Animation Backgrounds Blog:
Creating Looping BG Tutorial by Jim McNeil:

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Animated Animal

Hello All,

first few sketches of my character

For the second assignment, my animal character is based on a western blue bird. I had a few pictures of this bird lying around  in my hard drive from a scavenger hunt. I didn't know what the specific name for it was until recently. Isn't the real bird cute? 

I came across this FANTASTIC tumblr of beautiful bird photographs. It's FAT BIRDS. No, there's not a lot of pictures of overweight birds but it was a great reference. Moving on, here is some progress on my bird animation.

 He's pecking and hopping! YES! What I have to work on now is him gaining weight, falling down, getting back up, and moving off screen. Hopefully, I'll be able to get him to do all those actions by the deadline. There's so much I have to fix though. The twitching, his turning, his legs, his placement, and timing but I am satisfied with how this this looks now. Critiques are welcome! and thanks for a moment of your time!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

May Emerald Skipping

Learning Flash is rewarding and frustrating. Today, I started over on my Skipping May. The file became corrupted or something and I had to begin again. Here is a rough of a rough of rough. I like where it has started and look forward to the end animation. :D

Skipping May by ~Dgamm562 on deviantART