Thursday, March 8, 2012

Animated Animal

Hello All,

first few sketches of my character

For the second assignment, my animal character is based on a western blue bird. I had a few pictures of this bird lying around  in my hard drive from a scavenger hunt. I didn't know what the specific name for it was until recently. Isn't the real bird cute? 

I came across this FANTASTIC tumblr of beautiful bird photographs. It's FAT BIRDS. No, there's not a lot of pictures of overweight birds but it was a great reference. Moving on, here is some progress on my bird animation.

 He's pecking and hopping! YES! What I have to work on now is him gaining weight, falling down, getting back up, and moving off screen. Hopefully, I'll be able to get him to do all those actions by the deadline. There's so much I have to fix though. The twitching, his turning, his legs, his placement, and timing but I am satisfied with how this this looks now. Critiques are welcome! and thanks for a moment of your time!