Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cooking with Ruby

This current assignment is really going to help me kill several birds with one stone. At first, I wanted to do an animation portfolio site. Now, I'm changing it to a cooking tutorial site for girls. It's going to to be called "Animated Cooking with Ruby" and yes "Ruby" is Ruby from "Doughnuts". She'll be cooking rainbow cupcakes and yes the rainbow cupcakes from a previous personal project I have yet to complete. The fruit tarts won't have their own tutorial on the website but will be added to include more content on the site. Plus, I haven't put this artwork up except on my facebook.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Class but I still learn Flash

My instructor didn't show today. He didn't even show Monday! I wish I had known that so I could've arrived for my later class which was 5 hours later.  Either, way I hope the emergency he had to tend to wasn't to tragic.

But, after breakfast with a classmate at a near by Coco's and a nap in the library, I went to the lab and played around with the pen tool and went over another chapter in the textbook. This is what was BIRTHED FROM MY MIIIND!!! (dramatic, I know.)

She is cute! Oh, I love doing rainbow patterns so much! I don't know whether to call her a marble or a lollipop, either way she's gonna go on some soon as I can afford/ invest in that.

What should I call her? What do you think? Is your favorite shade up here?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Backpack o' Fav's

The Precious Stones: Amethyst- Alphonse Mucha

Added Alphonse Mucha's Precious Stone: Amethyst to my backpack. I LOVE his work. Absolutely adore it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Backpack o' Favs!

I took my white jansport backpack with a new set of Bic 36pc assorted permanent ink markers and finally put some of my favorite things on it. I like a lot of junk food and KETCHUP! I am going to cover the entire backpack in my favorite things. Cartoon characters, my OCs, Alphonse Mucha and Gil Elvgren pin ups. This is my 2nd day of working on it and look at how far I am :). These Bic markers are impressive and were less expensive than the 6 or 8 piece Sharpie brand Fabric markers.