Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Class but I still learn Flash

My instructor didn't show today. He didn't even show Monday! I wish I had known that so I could've arrived for my later class which was 5 hours later.  Either, way I hope the emergency he had to tend to wasn't to tragic.

But, after breakfast with a classmate at a near by Coco's and a nap in the library, I went to the lab and played around with the pen tool and went over another chapter in the textbook. This is what was BIRTHED FROM MY MIIIND!!! (dramatic, I know.)

She is cute! Oh, I love doing rainbow patterns so much! I don't know whether to call her a marble or a lollipop, either way she's gonna go on some soon as I can afford/ invest in that.

What should I call her? What do you think? Is your favorite shade up here?