Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baseball Gesture drawings

Went to my first baseball game yesterday. It was very fun and and all my gratitude goes to my sister and her friend, who got us excellent seats. I'm not into baseball, so I brought my sketch book. So many contrapposto poses!!Some drawings are from my sister and her friend.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doughnuts Animatic

Hello All,

I have uplifting news! I completed my "Doughnuts" animatic. :) A cute romantic story about a baker named William and the girl of his dreams, Ruby.
This project has really come a long way since I first started it in Febuary. The story changed and so did the character designs. In the "Projects" tab there will be links to the progress posts I made on this storyboard. Also there's a folder in my DA that will show you the work I put into this cute story. This animatic is ready to be in my portfolio! :3
I just uploaded my SWF file to my DA and now I am working on stringing everything together. I like how it turned out but, let me know if there could be aspects I could tweek or fix. In other words, critiques are welcome as usual.
Thanks for a moment of your time!

Doughnuts Animatic by ~Dgamm562 on deviantART