Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Demo Reel and Dr. Who Converse

I finally got a demo reel up! Yes, it's a start and simple but, it displays my current abilities. It can be viewed HERE or down here.

 I've received a few critiques on it so far. From the critiques, I'm going to change "2D Generalist" to 2D Animator or 2D Artist; take out the illustrations at the end and replace it with a final i did for an animation class way back when and...hmm...I'm gonna do a third thing...which I've...forgottenrightnowbutwillrememberlater. :D If you have a critique for my reel, I would enjoy reading your constructive criticism.

2nd Matter of Business

 My friend and her boyfriend commissioned me to paint two pairs of converse sneakers they recently purchased with a Doctor Who theme. I haven't done fabric PAINTING before but, I have done art on fabric with permanent ink markers. Nor have I seen an episode of Doctor Who, unitl now. I've seen the fans and merchandise and that gold thing that reminds me of R2D2 alot. So this was new and exciting to try out.

This week I started on the right shoes for each pair. Next up will be the "sonic screwdriver" and then the TARDIS on the left foot shoes. I did not create this Dr. Who design. I am following the design of this etsy artist, who has beautiful hand in fabric painting, btw.

These are really fun to do. Of course, I've seen custom sneakers and a bags everywhere, now it's time for me to try my hand at it. The paint I am using is Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (Matte). My friend purchased it at Micheal's. Each tube was around $1.60 and I liked that price after seeing the price for other fabric paints. I don't have anything to water proof the artwork and these are going to be worn. So far my reasearch has turned up polyurethane-varnish as a sealant. I wonder how much at will cost.

 I wouldn't have been able to paint on shoes without this commission. I'm working hard on these shoes to show my gratitude to my friend. :) Thank you, you guys!