Monday, September 3, 2012

Team Fortress Olympic Chibis

Team Fortress2 is so addictive to play and the Olympics this year had me glued to my TV.  I was inspired by the opening ceremony outfits to dress each character in their respective countries outfits. Before I decided on the opening ceremony clothes, I was going to put each character in a sport I thought they fit perfectly and draw them in that specific uniform. It was easier to find references for the opening ceremony than some teams’ athletic uniforms. Plus have you seen Russia’s red and white jackets? They’re awful! I didn’t want to put the Heavy in that! Most of the open ceremony uniforms were very unique and professional. Almost all of them included white pants/skirts? Was that international color of the year? 

I really enjoy the personalities of each character and try to make them shine through. I like them all but, my favorites are the Engineer and Pyro.