Tuesday, December 17, 2013

End of the Semester

Another semester down and another one closer to my degree. Yay! Here is more work I did this semester.

Vector Animation

Instructor: Michael Vicker

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 (Only created the path the car follows)

Week 4

Week 5 thru 7

Week 8 (My instructor did the beginning bunny animation, background, and buttons. I did the carrot fall, when he goes down for the carrot and when he explodes.)

Week 9 thru 15 Puppet Building and Final

Traditional Animation in Flash

Instructor: Patrick Lake

Week 1 and 2

Weeks 3 and 4

Weeks 5 and 6

Weeks 7 and 8

Weeks 9 and 10

Weeks 11 and 12

Weeks 13 thru 15

Digital Imaging

Instructor: Nicolas Ross

Week 1 thru 3

Week 4 REDONE 

Week 5 thru 6

Week 7 thru 8


Week 9- Bloackhead

-no Pics X(-

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13 thru 15


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Update on School with Classwork :D

I'm currently in my 8th week of my 15 week semester. It's been pretty good up to now. Just find more time to commit to homework is starting to present a challenge. But, what do I expect when balancing a part time job with classwork? Here's some work from the past few weeks from 2 classes.I hope I will be able to upload my finals at the end of the semester!

Class 1 Digital Imaging

Class 2: Intro into Vector Animation

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back in School

The Fall semester has finally started for me and I'm taking classes at the Academy of Art in San Fran, CA. I'm very happy and thankful to be here and this time going to finish and earn my BFA in Character  Animation. I have four classes this semester, two of which are Adobe Flash classes. My classes are Traditional Animation 1, Intro. into Vector  Based 2D Animation, Digital Media 2: Illustrative, and Gestures and Emotions in Art. Entering into the second week, here is the homework due for two of my classes.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good News and Bad News...

I won't be doing artist alley at Anime Expo this summer. :( The semester classwork and drawing for artist alley didn't work out the way I planned. This won't stop me from drawing fanart though. Hopefully, I'll accumulate enough for next year! Good news, here's a preview for this final I am working on for one of my classes this semester. I'll give you three guesses to what my main influence is!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Organinzing for the semester...

The semester gun has popped and the race has begun! My art for artist alley is my main priority over semester work and I do not want it to be pushed to the side as the semester continues. To keep track of classwork due and fanart that needs to be drawn, I took my calendar for the year and placed reminders from now to June 1st. It helped with visualizing balance between school and art. After finishing the calendar, it became even more obvious that I need to cut back on some of the work. I still have to color my candy vocaloids. Onward and forward!

Birthstone Calendars now available through DeviantART.

Birthstone Diva Calender by ~Dgamm562 on deviantART