Friday, January 25, 2013

Anime Expo Artist Alley 2013 Artwork 1

Here is a button and print preview of what I hope to have at my table so far.  Colors look funky bcoz they are in CMYK instead of RGB but, I  will hopefully get a test prints before I make any bigger orders. Reached my first two week deadline of my production schedule. I will use tomorrow to rest then on Sunday continue on with the the next set. 1 set down 10 to go. I changed a few buttons for panty and stocking. Instead of doing Garter, Corset, Chuck, Fastener, and Brief, I made button previews for the weapons instead.  Maybe if I do a table NEXT year, I'll add them in. I am happy to complete my first 16 artwork hurtle!

PSG and FLCL are from Gainax (i think, well this is all certainly fan art is what I'm trying to say.)