Friday, February 1, 2013

Anime Expo Artist Alley Artwork Continued...

Coming toward the end of my first week in this new 2 week dead line. I'm working on some FLCL prints, candy vocaloid prints and keychains and starting on some Haruhi Suzumiya fanart. Hopefully I can get it all done in time by Feb. 9th! If not, that's just less art to print and sell at my table. Here's a preview of the WIPs of my Candy Vocaloid and FLCL prints.


Candy Stage Back drop
List of Artwork to get done by 2/9/2013 

FLCL: Group Picture of Girls of FLCL Print
FLCL: Naota and Haruharu  Print
Candy Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune  Print
Candy Vocaloid: Rin and Len Print
Candy Vocaloid: Luka Megarine Print
Candy Vocaloid: Gumi Print
Candy Vocaloid: Aoki Lapis Print
Candy Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune  Button
Candy Vocaloid: Rin Button
Candy Vocaloid: Len Button
Candy Vocaloid: Luka Megarine Button
Candy Vocaloid: Gumi Button
Candy Vocaloid: Aoki Lapis Button
Haruhi Suzumiya:  Group Pic of Primary 5 Characters Print
Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi Button
Haruhi Suzumiya: Kyon Button