Thursday, January 29, 2015

Starting out on a good foot, Spring 2015

Start of the Spring!

I just finished my first week of classes for this semester. I'm looking forward to the work I will produce from this semester. I have two animation core classes with a portfolio review class and a small business liberal arts class. I am also incredibly nervous because of the foreshadowed stress each class' workload will bring. If I can I hope I can upload progress. Well, at least the work will be animation related instead of character designing and maquettes. I always knew I was not a character designer/ illustrator but least semester just solidified that. 
Several of my classes, are geared toward the last semester senior. Even though, I am toward the end of my time at AAU this is not my final semester. Well, at least by academic standards I have about 9 classes remaining. On the financial hand, this is the last semester I can accept help from FAFSA. I'm not in the mind set that this is my last semester but, I think I should start thinking that way. But nothing is set in stone! Anyways, hope this semester turns out well.

Valentine's Day Character

After my bunny  girl animation, I started working on another character for a Valentine's gram. Valentine's day and Halloween are the most inspirational holidays for me. I have a lot of fun with witches and cupid characters. I want to commit some time to her before the semester really takes over. Here she is in her many stages. 

Trying different hairstyles and feet
first few sketches
first few sketches

various hair stlyes

turn around of one style i liked

turn around of one style I liked