Work In Progress

"Galaxy Skater"-20second Traditional Animation Short
Project for the Spring 2015 Academy of Art University Traditional Animation 4 class


“Birthstone Divas”- Illustration/Character Design
I wanted to illustrate each month of the year. Instead of going with the typical and overdone Zodiac signs, I chose the birthstones. Taking inspiration from the folklore and associated personality traits, I created the Birthstone Divas. Each Diva’s personality is based off of my research on her particular stone. This was the very first big project of mine that I’ve completed! See all the divas at 
and my blog post.

“Doughnuts”- Storyboarding/Character Design/ Concept work
     On one sunny afternoon in February, the sweetest thing in a bakery was love. William and Ruby share their feelings for one another in the cutest and sweetest way possible. I was inspired by the spirit of Valentine's Day and the adorable charm of bakeries  to create this animatic. I completed it in June, 2012. My progress posts from my blog can be viewed HERE  or my deviantArt 
View the Final Animatic: